Professional Life Coaching

A Professional Life Coach assists you on how to get from where you are now to where you want to be. A Life Coach will partner with the client while giving the client clarity, vision, goals, and actions. A life transition coach can help individuals navigate their lives before, during, and after a transition.

Life coaching sessions are most often conducted by phone. Sessions are limited to 45 minutes and can be scheduled at a time and frequency that is convenient for you. Sessions are usually once a week.

Life Coaching IS NOT Therapy

Life Coaching is not counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis or any other form of mental health care treatment or therapy.

Groups and Businesses

Coaching, Consulting and Motivational Speaking available for Groups and Businesses.
Please call for more information.

Cancellation Policy

Life Coaching appointments require a 24 hour notice to cancel all sessions. Please be sure to contact Jeff Long if you will not be able to make your scheduled appointment in order to avoid being charged for the session.

Reasons for Life Coaching

Life Transitions

Personal, Family, Career, Business, Relocating, Empty Nest, Retirement, Aging Parents, Spirituality, Loss, Grief, and End of Life.

Job Loss / Career Change

Coaching can help explore your strengths and weaknesses, motivate you, and consider career opportunities you may have not thought of before.


Moving can be very stressful and sometimes adjusting to the transition is not easy. Life Coaching can help a difficult move become less stressful and embrace the positives of the move.


A coach will listen to you when you need to be heard, empower you to make decisions and plan for the future. Coaching will help you make a healthy transition which many times is painful and full of different feelings and concerns.

Retirement / Empty Nest

Do you have a clear vision of what your retirement will look like? Children are grown and left the house. What’s next? Are you retired and not sure what’s next? Life Coaching can help give goals and plans for your future providing less stress.

Aging Parents

Do you know what kind of information to obtain to make decisions about aging parents? Do you know your parents’ wishes? Coaching will assist you in obtaining relevant information and what questions to ask your parents so informed decisions can be made.

Grief and End of Life

I guide individuals and families struggling with grief and end of life issues by giving support, comfort, and resources so they can stay grounded and not feel alone. Each individual grieves differently. Grief Coaching guides individuals with support; understanding; tools for achieving joy and fulfillment; and vision for the future.

Death is as unique as the individual who is experiencing it. At the end of life, individuals and their loved ones are often faced with tough decisions. End of Life Coaching helps the dying and their loved ones understand and navigate the dying process. End of Life Coach provides information including hospice; care options; and end of life expectations. It also provides help on how to speak to the dying; sorting out what’s important to address and what can be left alone and funeral planning.

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