Jeff Long

About Jeff Long

Jeff is a consultant, certified life coach, and business coach for his business Empowering Life Decisions LLC. Jeff has a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice and a Masters of Divinity. As a life and business coach, Jeff guides individuals and groups struggling in their life or facing hard choices to navigate transitions with goal oriented actions in the areas of business, career, relocation, empty nest, retirement, aging parents, grief, loss, and end of life.

Jeff has a diverse background which includes: life coaching, business, theology, health care/hospice, criminal justice, and teaching. He has been through many changes professionally and personally and has navigated them by communicating, actively listening, motivating, setting goals, and writing action plans. Personally Jeff has experienced multiple successful careers and relocated several times. There has been grief, loss, and end of life issues in Jeff’s professional and personal life. He has an excellent understanding of grief and loss as well as the phases of dying and bereavement. Jeff has been present at over 500 deaths which helps him provide support to the dying individual and his or her family members.