I Needed to Make Changes Because of the Pandemic.


Because of the pandemic, I needed to make changes because businesses were closing and individuals were out of work.  They did not need a business consultant, business, life or end of life coach.  I needed to reflect on my background to see what I could do to help myself.  My background has criminal justice in it so I decided to become a certified firearm instructor.  I would prefer to make sure that individuals who are buying firearms know how to properly handle and safely shoot their firearm.  Did you make changes?  If so or not, take some time to reflect on why you made the decision you did.  If you had to do it over again, would you make the same decision?  If you are still struggling from the pandemic, what change can you still do to help yourself?



Jeff Long, as a life coach, can help you realize possibilities, overcome obstacles, reach your highest potential, and have the life you want.  To learn more visit life-decisions.com.

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