Why I Started Drinking Coffee

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Why I Started Drinking Coffee

When I was around 11-12 years old, I lived in a farming community and went with my dad to farm sales.  The farm sales usually happened during the cold winter months after the harvest and before the spring planting.  The farm sales could go on for hours.  During those years the only hot drink in the concession stand was coffee.  Instant hot chocolate wasn’t available back then in concession stands.  My dad told me that if I wanted to have something hot to drink or something to hold onto to warm my hands, I would need to have coffee.  He also told me that we wouldn’t mess with the sugar or cream.  I would drink it black or didn’t need the coffee.

Back then, I mostly would take a few sips and keep my hands warm.  Coffee is definitely an acquired taste to get used to.    I have continued drinking coffee all these decades.  In college, I drank coffee to stay awake on those late nights of studying.  As I got older, I have enjoyed coffee while visiting with my family and friends.  I used to be able to stop for coffee and start up a conversation with an individual or individuals sitting close to me and have an enjoyable conversation.  Today, many individuals that are having coffee are busy with their electronics and not focused on anyone around them.  Anymore, I see people at the same table not having a conversation but looking or working on their phone, iPad, tablet, or computer.

Still today, I like to start my day talking with family or friends over coffee.  I haven’t gotten into drinking the various flavors of coffee or adding sugar or cream.  I drink my coffee black.

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