Making Your Wishes Known

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Making Your Wishes Known


If something happens to you, do your loved ones know your wishes?  Making your wishes known is an important discussion to have with your loved ones even though many individuals do not like to discuss the topic.  The topic is death.


Do you want to be buried or cremated?  Do you have a specific funeral home or burial place to use?

Visitation or no visitation?  Funeral or no funeral service?


If possible, do you want to have your eyes/corneas, tissue, or organs donated?  One can donate and still have an open casket at the visitation or funeral service.


There can be more anxiety during an already stressful time if family members don’t know their loved one’s wishes ahead of time or they wait until the individual is very ill or dying.  I have seen this many times in my lifetime.


Do you have a Power of Attorney Health Care, Living Will, or Advance Directive?  If you become ill or stop breathing, do your loved ones know your wishes?


Things to think about and discuss:

  • Attempt Resuscitation/CPR or  Do Not Attempt Resuscitation/DNR


  • Full Medical Treatment to sustain life:
    • I want my life to be prolonged to the greatest extent possible in accordance with reasonable medical standards without regards to my condition, the chance I have for recovery or the cost of the procedures.


  • Selective Treatment: Primary goal of treating medical conditions with selected medical measures. For instance: medical treatment, IV fluids and IV medications (may include antibiotics and vasopressors).  Do Not Intubate.  May consider less invasive airway support (e.g. CPAP, BIPAP).


  • Comfort-Focused Treatment: Primary goal of maximizing comfort. Relieve pain and suffering through the use of medication by any route as needed; oxygen, suctioning and manual treatment of airway obstruction.  No transfer to hospital unless comfort needs cannot be met in current location.


  • Do you want medically administered nutrition, including feeding tubes?


It’s up to you to talk to your loved ones about what your wishes are.  After the discussion, most individuals are glad they had the talk with their loved ones.  For more information visit our website, life-decisions.com.


Decisions are made daily.  Some we choose but others we are not given a choice.  It is one’s decisions or indecisions that have a major effect on one’s life.  At Empowering Life Decisions we help make hard times easier, tough decisions clearer and death less lonely.  To learn more about our services visit life-decisions.com.

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