Need Help with End of Life Issues? Contact an End of Life Doula in the Chicago and Downers Grove area.

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Need Help with End of Life Issues?  Contact an End of Life Doula.

Death is as unique as the individual who is experiencing it.  At the end of life, individuals and their loved ones are often faced with tough decisions.  Jeff Long has a diverse background and has been present at over 400 deaths which helps him provide emotional, spiritual, or practical support – or all the above to the dying individual and his or her family members.  It can be traumatic and confusing for family members who are taking care of their dying loved one.  Jeff will start working with individuals and their families when there is less than 18 months to live.  These services are supplemental to hospice or when individuals do not qualify for hospice.  Jeff guides family members through the dying process by telling them what they can expect and acting as an advocate for them and the dying with representatives of the hospital, funeral homes, and other personnel who may be involved in the death process.  Jeff assists the dying individuals and their families to have the talks that need to be had and finds out what the dying individual wants.  For example, do they have a will, power of attorney healthcare and property, and living will.  He guides the dying to express what type of funeral they want: burial or cremation; visitation or no visitation.  Jeff offers comfort, support, and companionship.  Contact Jeff to learn how he can be of help to you and your loved one.

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