Coach Helps with Life’s Big Changes

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Coach Helps With Life’s Big Changes


Life’s biggest events can be tough. The Rev. Jeff Long is there to see that no one has to experience them alone.

A chaplain, consultant and certified life coach, Long’s business is to help people navigate their way through life’s transitions. Whether it’s a move to a new city, a pending career change or a loved one’s impending death, Long and his team of professionals are available to offer support, advice, and most importantly, an attentive ear.

“Sometimes we’re just there to listen,” said Long, owner of Empowering Life Decisions LLC and Midwest Chaplain Services in Downers Grove.

Long doesn’t align his work with any particular faith or religion. He’s there for everyone, regardless of their beliefs.

A former full-time hospice chaplain, Long has been present for hundreds of deaths. He’s experienced in helping families, as well as the dying, through this ultimate transition. He also offers bereavement counseling to help families and loved ones following a death. Home Helpers caregivers are offered his services when dealing with the loss of a beloved client.

But not all of Long’s work is so dire. He also works as a workplace chaplain – a service that major companies have used and found to be beneficial. As a workplace chaplain Long, or one of his vetted colleagues, visits a workplace to help employees who are going through personal issues, or perhaps at a company that has experienced a major change.

“When we’re in the workplace, people can come to work, get their work done, but still have time to talk to us,” he said.

“Companies are finding it very beneficial,” he said, with some reporting increases in productivity and less turnover.

Because everyone’s life is different, the ways in which Empowering Life Decisions LLC and Midwest Chaplain Services can assist people is nearly endless, Long said. They can provide spiritual support to people who can no longer attend worship, guidance in making a major life decision or just be present as a loved one nears the end of their life.

In short, Long and his colleagues are available to make hard times a little easier, tough decisions a little clearer and death a little less lonely.


Here is a link to the newsletter article: http://maryandmikecare.com/our-partners-in-care/coach-helps-lifes-big-changes/.  Please check out HomeHelpers website: http://maryandmikecare.com/

The following article was in HomeHelpers Newsletter from Hinsdale, IL.

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