Healthy Workplaces Have Higher Bottom Line Profits

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Healthy Workplaces Have Higher Bottom Line Profits.


At Midwest Chaplain Services we believe our Workplace Chaplain services have the potential to add great value not only to your employees’ well-being, but also to the well-being of your company.


Everyday, there are people who are dying, grieving, in distress or needing support.  Each one of these struggles follows employees to work and affects their health and productivity.  If your employees are struggling emotionally, your company is not functioning at its full capacity.


Midwest Chaplain Services is there for employees by listening, affirming, providing resources, and offering comfort and meaning, regardless of religion or belief.  The Workplace Chaplain provides a trusting relationship for employees to turn to in times of need.  Chaplains are not there to preach or force a conversation with an employee.


Some of the benefits of using a Workplace Chaplain include reduced tardiness and turnover, increased feeling of value, increased productivity, reduced staff conflicts, improved workplace safety, improved morale and teamwork and a greater appreciation for management.  A happy employee is a productive, engaged employee.


The Workplace Chaplain program avails itself to employees and their families 24 hours/7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Visits can be done in person or by phone, and brief visits may occur at the workplace at the employer’s request.  The Workplace Chaplain will never interfere with an employee’s workflow or share conversations with management.  All conversations are confidential and completely at the will of the employee.


If you’re interested in helping to improve your employees’ emotional health, and with it, the health of your company, contact Midwest Chaplain Services today.


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