We help make hard times easier, tough decisions clearer and death less lonely.


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We help make hard times easier, tough decisions clearer and death less lonely.

Life-Decisions evolved from decades of Jeff Long making life decisions. Many times those decisions were about careers, relocating, education, professional decisions affecting others, or personal loss of a loved one. Jeff Long understands that life is a journey and sometimes we need a guide. Everyday life decisions are made. Some we choose but others we are not given a choice. It is one’s decisions or indecisions that have a major effect on one’s life. Some individuals are afraid to make certain decisions because of the possibility of failure. But in doing so, indecisions or the fear of failure can lead to lower self-confidence or procrastination. Successful individuals have at one time or another failed and usually more than once. In doing so, they learn from the experience but empower themselves to continue and make changes as needed. Empowering Life Decisions LLC and Midwest Chaplain Services were started since Jeff is a chaplain, life coach, and consultant to give individuals and groups the empowerment, encouragement, comfort, resources, or continuing education or a combination of all of them they need through life coaching and chaplaincy.

Jeff Long, as a life coach for Empowering Life Decisions LLC, will guide individuals and groups struggling in their life or with hard choices to navigate transitions with goal orientated actions. Life coaching can help you realize possibilities, overcome obstacles, reach your highest potential, and have the life you want. If you want to make a change in your career or not sure what’s next, Jeff has been there and will support you in your decisions. As part of life coaching or being a hospice chaplain, Jeff educates the dying and their families on the dying process and what to expect. This role is also known as a grief coach or end of life coach. Jeff also provides continuing education to social workers, nurses, and many other occupations in his one hour presentations.

Midwest Chaplain Services provides many services including workplace chaplains and most importantly a ministry of presence. A chaplain can be a benefit to employees as a workplace chaplain, officiant a funeral, provide comfort and support to an individual dying and his or her family, and give a presentation to a group for continuing education all in one day. In many cases, business clients have taken advantage of Jeff’s ability to provide both onsite life coaching to individuals in management or supervisory positions since he is a life coach, while also serving as workplace chaplain.

Making Your Wishes Known

If something happens to you, do your loved ones know your wishes? Making your wishes known is an important discussion to have with your loved ones even though many individuals do not like to discuss the topic. The topic is death.
Do you want to be buried or cremated? Do you have a specific funeral home or burial place to use?
Visitation or no visitation? Funeral or no funeral service?

If possible, do you want to have your eyes/corneas, tissue, or organs donated? One can donate and still have an open casket at the visitation or funeral service.

There can be more anxiety during an already stressful time if family members don’t know their loved one’s wishes ahead of time or they wait until the individual is very ill or dying. I have seen this many times in my lifetime.

Do you have a Power of Attorney Health Care, Living Will, or Advance Directive? If you become ill or stop breathing, do your loved ones know your wishes? …read more


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