Empowering Life Decisions

I help make hard times easier, tough decisions clearer and death less lonely.

Empowering Life Decisions LLC evolved from decades of Jeff Long making life decisions. Many times those decisions were about careers, relocating, education, professional decisions affecting others, or personal loss of a loved one. Jeff Long understands that life is a journey and sometimes we need a guide. Everyday life decisions are made. Some we choose but others we are not given a choice. It is one’s decisions or indecisions that have a major effect on one’s life. Some individuals are afraid to make certain decisions because of the possibility of failure. But in doing so, indecisions or the fear of failure can lead to lower self-confidence or procrastination. Successful individuals have at one time or another failed and usually more than once. In doing so, they learn from the experience but empower themselves to continue and make changes as needed. Empowering Life Decisions LLC was started since Jeff is a chaplain, life coach, business transition coach, and consultant to give individuals, businesses, and groups the empowerment, encouragement, and resources they need through life coaching, business transition coaching, or consulting.

Jeff Long – Life Coach

Jeff Long, as a life coach for Empowering Life Decisions LLC, will guide individuals and groups struggling in their life or with hard choices to navigate transitions with goal orientated actions. Life coaching can help you realize possibilities, overcome obstacles, reach your highest potential, and have the life you want. If you want to make a change in your career or not sure what’s next, Jeff has been there and will support you in your decisions. As part of life coaching, Jeff educates the dying and their families on the dying process and what to expect. This role is also known as a grief coach or end of life coach.

Jeff Long – Business Coach

Jeff, as a business transition coach or consultant, will help owners, individuals, and leadership teams work through business strategies, leadership effectiveness, confidence building, complex decisions, employee challenges, client demands and work-life balance issues. Business transition coaching will assist you with having confidence in your business goals, values, purpose, and vision. Business coaching will help provide opportunities to discuss areas of business and growth you might not have thought about or expanded on.

“Jeff has demonstrated that he is not only dependable but also dedicated and a very valuable asset. Jeff is welcoming and he has excellent verbal skills. He is exceptionally organized and reliable; his ability to connect with individuals no matter their background is truly unparalleled…I would recommend him without reservation.” –S.S.
“Thank you for everything you did. Your support meant the world to me.” –H.C
“Jeff, thank you for the comfort and care you gave.” –N.S.
“He is always available to support and shares his knowledge when appropriate. Jeff is very patient and takes the time to compassionately listen…He is very approachable and has a calming and comforting presence. This is especially important when young children are losing one of their parents. Jeff respects all spiritual beliefs.” –M.P.
“Jeff is well-organized and knows how to prioritize. He is willing to jump in and do whatever has to be done in any situation.” –K.V.
“Thank you for all the guidance. I can’t say enough.” –E.H.
“Thank you for making my day brighter.” –K.K.
“Jeff is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. His ability to calm, provide support and to assist in any capacity he is able, has made him irreplaceable. He multitasks effectively and is able to handle a high-volume workload with grace. He consistently met or surpassed all needs and expectations. Jeff has my highest recommendation.” –T.V.
“Thank you so much for all that you did. You really spent time talking with dad and getting to know him. You also had the conversation with dad about his preference for burial or cremation so we were able to honor his wishes.” –G’s Family
“Your care and support has meant so much. Thank you!” –N.A.

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